Slanted coffee bean facing down and slanted
Angled side view of coffee bean
Slanted coffee bean facing down and slanted
Slanted coffee bean facing down and slanted
Coffee bean facing down
Angled side view of coffee bean
Coffee bean facing down
Coffee bean facing down
Back of coffee bean
Back of coffee bean

Office coffee has never been smarter

Office coffee has never been smarter

Barista @ the touch of a button® with revolutionary technology to optimize your office coffee experience.

Vendibean dashboard next to office smart coffee machine

Loved by brands around the country

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Office coffee has

never been


Barista @ the touch of a button® with revolutionary technology solving all of the biggest pains companies face with their office coffee solutions.

21+ Drink selections including oat milk, coconut milk and chai options!

We co-created our recipes with local craft coffee roaster connoisseurs to offer selections comparable to your favorite craft coffee shops.

Perfect for high volume offices

3x product capacity than a tabletop counter coffee machine
Save time and energy
Functional, reliable and efficient with preventative technology to withstand higher volume.
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Optimize ops with a centralized backend dashboard to monitor multiple machines across different campuses or buildings.
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Changing the game of office coffee

Let’s face it, the old school office coffee machines just aren’t cutting it anymore. That’s why we’re bringing you your favorite espresso beverages to the comfort of your workplace combined with our revolutionary technology to enhance & simplify your office coffee operations.

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Know if there’s an issue before it becomes an issue.

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Optimize your office coffee operations.

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Improve office culture, employee morale and productivity.

Vendibean dashboard for smart coffee machine for office

What makes our machine special?

The technology.

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Real Time Data Reporting

Get real time email notifications on inventory levels, machine errors, and preventative maintenance needs.
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Advanced Tracking

Track exact usage on a per dispense measure, inventory levels, & drink popularity,
Two tablets displaying vendibean dashboard
Two tablets displaying vendibean dashboard
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Preventative Technology

Preventative tech features like sensors and vibration devices built into our machine to avert basic issues and withstand higher volume.
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Centralized Backend Dashboard

Portal to manage your machine/s seamlessly and optimize efficiency.

How can I get VendiBean in my office today?

Start boosting your team’s morale with the first office coffee solution your team will actually be excited to drink.


Learn more about pricing

See if our office coffee subscription is a right fit for your team. We make the most sense for teams with 50+ employees in the office.

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1-Month Pilot Program

See what the hype is all about and test VendiBean out with our 1-month pilot program.

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Schedule Installation + Service

All VendiBean Machines are installed by the pros on the VendiBean service team or our qualified partners. All we need provided is available power & water.

Bean-to-cup espresso brewing system

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See what the buzz is about

"Just wanted to say -- we've had the machine for 2 days now and it has been a HUGE hit. The Dirty Chai has been everyone's (including mine) favorite."

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Office Manager

"Hands down the best office coffee solution in the space, best team & customer service too."

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Office Manager

"Coffee is everything and when it actually tastes good in the office it is a game changer. Thank you VendiBean for all that you do."

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Facilities Manager

"Thanks VendiBean, everyone is loving the machine!!"

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"Our team LOVES the VendiBean machine and all of the non-dairy options"

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Office Manager

"The VendiBean machine is the highlight of my day. Just as good AND strong as going to a coffee shop."

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“I am so happy with your service that I had to make this happen for my LA office as well” - office manager"

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Office Manager

"People are really excited about it. They love it. I think this is the perfect thing for us."

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Facilities Manager
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