Office coffee built for the modern generation

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Slanted coffee bean facing down and slanted
Slanted coffee bean facing down and slanted
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Revolutionizing Office Coffee

Transforming office coffee for the modern day workforce

With the boom of local craft coffee roasters, our generation’s standards for coffee have skyrocketed. We felt there wasn’t an office coffee solution built with this modern standard in mind when it comes to quality, functionality and technology.

Barista quality beverages in 90 seconds or less

The VendiBean machine grinds beans fresh to cup with our espresso brewer & high-pressurized frothing technology. You will be shocked your espresso was brewed by a machine and not a barista.

Solving team’s biggest pains with office coffee

Built for high-volume holding 5x the product capacity than any counter top unit, with 300 drinks when full.
Save teams time and energy on service and maintenance with smart technology, sending email notifications on inventory levels, maintenance and service needs.
Backend portal and dashboard to track and manage your machine/s all in one place automating the ordering process.
More space available for our larger, state of the art espresso brewer and grinder. 
15+ barista quality menu options including non dairy alternatives.
Drives employees back to the office and enhances employee engagement with a coffee solution teams prefer over Starbucks.

Without Vendibean

Constant breakdowns
Too much time spent on servicing your office coffee machine/s 
No notifications regarding when you need to restock or service your machine
Unable to track exact usage, dispenses and inventory on a dashboard
Unhappy with the quality and lack of variety
Employee coffee runs because no one loves the coffee in the office
Low employee engagement with the goal being return to office

Smart tech features saving

facilities teams

time & energy

Smart tech features saving facilities teams

time & energy

Real Time Data Reporting

Get notified in real time when your machine is running low on product or if there are any issues or service needs.

Centralized Backend Dashboard

Portal to manage your machine/s seamlessly and optimize efficiency.

Two tablets displaying vendibean dashboard

Advanced Tracking

Automate your ordering with our backend dashboard we can see which products are most popular.

Preventative Technology

Preventative tech features like sensors built into our machine to avert basic issues and withstand higher volume.

Employees say free food & beverage is the #1 work perk.

Which perks do employees appreciate most?
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Free or subsidized food and beverage
Flexible work arrangements
Wellness benefits
Education benefits
Profit sharing / stock options

89% of employees say free food and beverage makes them feel appreciated

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See what the buzz is about

"Today had the pleasure of bringing in the brand new VendiBean machine to our facility for the team to enjoy! Amazing service from them and the product tastes delicious. I highly recommend this to any of my contacts out there looking for a better solution! Trust me it’s more cost effective then you think!"

Facilities Manager

"People are really excited about it. They love it. I think this is the perfect thing for us."

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Facilities Manager

"Just wanted to say -- we've had the machine for 2 days now and it has been a HUGE hit. The Dirty Chai has been everyone's (including mine) favorite."

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Office Manager

"Hands down the best office coffee solution in the space, best team & customer service too."

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Office Manager

"Coffee is everything and when it actually tastes good in the office it is a game changer. Thank you VendiBean for all that you do."

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Facilities Manager

"Thanks VendiBean, everyone is loving the machine!!"

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"Our team LOVES the VendiBean machine and all of the non-dairy options"

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Office Manager

"The VendiBean machine is the highlight of my day. Just as good AND strong as going to a coffee shop."


“I am so happy with your service that I had to make this happen for my LA office as well” - office manager"

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Office Manager
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