July 25, 2022

Coffee’s Crucial Role In Creating A Positive Workplace Culture

Jade Brooks Sr. - Content Marketing Manager at VendiBean

Coffee has become part of the lifestyle of an average American. And why wouldn’t it be? Countless studies have touted the benefits coffee gives its loyal drinkers, such as improved mood, increased productivity and better health. And also, potential employees themselves demand it. In a survey by a recruitment portal Job Korea, they found of coffee has the strongest demand among job seekers, with 65% people declaring to buy it even if there was a price hike.

Not only that, citing its importance, Business Insider recommends every single company in the world should offer free coffee to its employees as a perk. That’s because not only will your employees and team members benefit from it, but so will your company as a whole. It will bring positivity in your workplace, increase interactions within your company and improve the performance of your team members. Thus, coffee’s role in creating a positive work culture cannot be underestimated.

Let me explain further why…

Coffee Improves The Lives of Your Employees

‍Do you want the people in your office to be happier so they can perform — and give you their very best? According to BBC, here’s how you can achieve this:

“US psychologist Abraham Maslow described a “hierarchy of needs” for human beings. The most basic are physiological — including food and shelter — and a feeling of safety. If these are taken care of, employees can move on to the next stages — feeling socially accepted and gaining a sense of self-esteem. Once freed of such ordinary human concerns, Maslow argued, they can progress to “self-actualization” — a full-on commitment to their work which leaves them feeling fulfilled.”

What this means is if you can take care of your employees’ basic needs like food and shelter, they will become ‘fully committed to their work’. But while providing free lunches might not be feasible, providing free coffee is (as it’s more affordable).

Plus, with coffee, your employees get the following health benefits which improves their performance in the workplace:

  • It’s no secret that caffeine, the primary ingredient in coffee, improves alertness and increases mental capacity, two things which are a must if you want your team to give you their very best.
  • The aura from coffee, according to a research, is said to improve a person’s cognitive ability which results in improved performance in analytical tasks. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the smell is extremely satisfying.
  • Coffee can improve your ability to breathe, thus lower stress levels as it opens the airways within your lungs. This makes coffee a good thing for people who work in fast paced environments.

All this can contribute towards the health of your employees, leading to a more positive office culture. And that’s just where the benefits start…

Coffee Increases Interactions Within Your Office

‍In the U.S., more than 80% of people drink coffee — and the majority of them do so within work hours. That’s because coffee is the new ‘water-cooler break’ among your team members. The term ‘lets grab a coffee’ has literally become synonymous with ‘lets have a chat’ in the workplace. And this is not a bad thing. At the popular social media startup, Hootsuite, the employees there started something called #randomcoffee. It was basically an event where employees signed up to meet other random employees over a cup of coffee. According to Hootsuite founder and CEO Ryan Holmes, this was the result:

“The level of enthusiasm has been eye-opening. What I’ve learned is that employees genuinely want to get to know their colleagues better, and it turns out a simple cup of coffee (helped along by a little technology) can provide the opening. It’s the kind of growth and culture hack that costs almost nothing and pays immediate returns — in terms not just of cross-departmental cooperation but overall morale.”

What this shows is that people will want a cup of coffee for themselves whether your company provides it or not. There’s a reason Starbucks has grown to 9000+ branches in the US alone. But that’s exactly why you should offer high quality coffee to the people in your office. Because if your employees are running over to their nearest Starbucks every time they want a cup o’ joe, they’re losing time that could be spent on working. Having coffee on site will ensure they’re spending more time at their desks — not at a Starbucks.

Coffee Improves The Workplace Environment

‍One of the biggest factors that attracts top talent to a company is the perks they provide. This can mean anything from parties to company hosted trips and much more. But, surveys show you don’t have to go that far. With Starbucks prices soaring day by day, providing your employees with free coffee and be as big of a perk than any lavish trip you offer them. That’s because it’s not the big, but the little things you do everyday for your employees that matter the most.

Plus, with the benefits we mentioned above, such as improved health and better interactions within your employees, it’s a no-brainer that coffee plays a big role in improving workplace environment. And an improved workplace environment attracts great people to work with. And all that ultimately leads to a positive office culture, all because of a cup of free coffee!

‍If you think your workplace could use a cup of high quality coffee made fresh - and that’s better than the muck they sell at Starbucks, I can help you out.

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