Crafting our Own VendiBean Blend!

After a month of launching at our first location in BLVD63, we have learned so much about the machine and have worked all the little kinks out. Now our focus is improving our coffee! Due to the limitations with the program settings in the machine, it's a little tricky finding the perfect recipe to achieve the high quality taste we are striving for.

We are stoked to announce that we are collaborating with Swell Coffee Roasting Co in creating our own customized specialty, fair trade coffee blend! Last Friday we took a trip to the Swell Coffee Roasting Co warehouse and cupped a variety of specialty coffees. These guys are the real deal when it comes to coffee. They take full pride in their titles of being "Elite Coffee Nerds" and their passion for coffee is contagious and inspiring. The next step entails dabbling with the machine settings and different coffees to experiment until we find the perfect blend. Subscribe to our blog to keep updated on what's buzzin in the Vendi bizzz!