How the Brewing Began...

In a country that is notoriously known for their exceptionally brewed coffee beans, Teal Cooper discovered her addiction for cappuccinos and experienced her first coffee vending machine all while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. This magical machine was conveniently located in the middle of campus at The Florence University of the Arts, making it a center of attraction for students looking to feed their caffeine addiction.  

However, it was Tristan Cooper who had the idea when taking a study break late night at UT Austin in a desperate search for caffeine. To his surprise he discovered that nothing was open... Together they put a twist on the average coffee vending machine and created the first trendy fair trade organic coffee house inside of a vending machine, called VendiBean!

With months of research the Vendi duo made it their mission to turn this idea into a reality. They tried their best to master the perfect coffee recipe. Since the brewing time, temperature, and water to coffee ratio is very restricted due to possible clogging, it was tricky finding the best combination inside the VendiBean Machine.  Even with all the limitations the Vendi Team is confident in their efforts of achieving a deliciously crafted coffee that appeals to the masses. 

Oh and don't forget to make Vendi trendy ~

CHEERS to that!    (Photocred: @cabelcoffee)

CHEERS to that!    (Photocred: @cabelcoffee)